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Immobiliser and Alarm Definitions


IMMOBILISERS – Different Types and Definitions


 Remote Transmitter

The remote transmitter is a small hand held device with an electronic printed circuit board inside a small case with usually one or two buttons. This unit controls the function of turning on or off the immobilizer from outside the car using a unique rolling code. This type of operation can also be installed as an alarm with the immobiliser combined.


 Proximity Tag

The proximity tag is a small sealed unit which encases a small micro chip. The proximity tag is about the size of a bullet and is attached to the vehicles key ring. When the ignition key with the proximity tag attached, is nearing the ignition barrel, a signal is transmitted from the microchip to a security antenna that sends the unique signal to the security main module that reads the signal. Once this signal has been accepted, the vehicle is disarmed and can be started. This process of “reading and accepting” the signal code is all done in a millisecond. The Proximity Tag system is an immobilizer only and cannot be upgraded to an alarm.


 Digital KeyPad

The Digital KeyPad immobilizer is disarmed by way of entering a four digit code into the “keypad” which is a small unit fixed to the vehicles dash. The code is unique to the customer any if an unauthorized number is entered three times in succession, the KeyPad immobilizer will shut down for twenty minutes. This system is a stand alone immobilizer only and cannot be upgraded to an alarm.


Remote Control Alarm Definitions

 Remote Control Alarm

The Remote Control alarm is for vehicles that don’t have a “factory” remote control transmitter. This type of unit has a siren which is connected to doors, boot and bonnet. It also comes with a shock sensor which detects glass breakage and door lock attack and immobilization to the ignition and starter motor and or the power to the electronic fuel pump. If any of these areas are tampered, the battery back siren is triggered. The siren has an inbuilt battery that is on a trickle charge that will also alarm if the main car battery is disconnected. Options available are ultrasonics, electronic tilt sensor and or a microwave sensor. The microwave sensor is suited for the soft top or convertible cars. Door motors or actuators can also be installed so that the central locking can be connected to the remote transmitter in unison with the arming and disarming of the alarm immobilizer system.



 Upgrade Alarm

This UNIVERSAL UG upgrade offers any factory remote keyless entry system, the capacity to expand into a fully featured security system with optional immobilisation.  

This unit can be installed into any vehicle that has a factory remote control transmitter.  Even those with advanced Body Control Units and the latest can bus technology.  The BRANT UG maintains the integrity and features of the factory keyless entry whilst adding “contents “theft protection.   The main features of the UG upgrade are a battery back siren and shock sensor for glass breakage and door lock attack.  Options are an electronic tilt sensor and ultrasonics as well as an internal high pitch siren.